A Holistic Approach

Discover more peace and ease in your body and create a stronger connection between body and mind.

A Plan for Healing

Develop nervous system strategies for healing, reduce overall tension, and adapt to stress more efficiently.

A Focused Solution

Experience a deeper sense of well-being, and enhanced joy in your life. And improve your posture, too.

The Soul Chiro Approach

At Soul Chiro, we believe that enhancing your body’s awareness is at the core of understanding and developing new nervous system strategies for healing, adapting to stress, and experiencing overall wellbeing. With a focus on achieving greater communication between your brain and body, Dr. Shannon will work with you to create a care plan to effectively remove interference in the nervous system.

Rather than attempting to return you to your “pre-pain” state, or restore you to the point when your symptoms first manifested, the goal of Soul Chiro is to upgrade your body and mind to new levels of wellness and awareness.

Shannon Soul Chiro

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Shannon has a way of making me feel a calm I didn't even know was possible. As someone who has anxiety and is naturally tense, I am always amazed at the relaxation and connection I feel to my body after she does work on me. I would highly recommend Shannon to anyone I know and am lucky to have gotten to know her!

- Rebecca S, Minneapolis, MN

With every entrainment I’ve noticed more and more changes happening within my body and in my outlook on life. To say Dr. Shannon is a part of facilitating my healing journey is an understatement - she has facilitated the drive in me to live a better life!

- Leslie R, St. Paul, MN